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Easy Way Car Rental is the clear choice for a no hassle Car rental experience when landing at Cancun International Airport.
The difference between a good vacation and a GREAT vacation is in the details! The Easy Way Car Rental attention to detail is what sets us apart in the business and tourism sector!
You will not find hidden surprises at Easy Way Car Rental.


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Popular Cars at Cancun Airport


A compact may be the most appropriate car if you are looking to rent a cheap car at cancun airport

Mid Size

Rent a mid size car at cancun airport for a more comfortable and comfortable trip.


Rent a suv at cancun international airport for a direct trip to the heart of the mayan riviera. Beaches, reefs, jungle ... a suv will be the best cancun airport car rental choice


Minivan cancun airport car rental: the ideal option for a family trip. More space, more luggage ... travel with your pet


A large family? A trip with friends? Rent a van at cancun international airport. Extra space, even more luggage.

Cancun Airport
Car Rental

Cancun International Airport is the gateway to the wonderful tourist destinations of the Mexican Caribbean: Cancun and the Riviera Maya, with its beautiful beaches and its rich cultural heritage, its history and its culinary art.

How to make the most of your adventure? The best option without a doubt is to rent a car at the Cancun airport. In this way you will optimize time, while you will share your trip only with friends or family.

Car hire cancun airport has never been easier and cheaper. Easy Way Rent a car offers you the best car rental cancun airport, putting at your disposal cheap cars, with good maintenance and a personalized service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We put 32 years of experience in the tourism sector in order to satisfy your needs and make your trip a unique experience.

Of all the car rental companies at the cancun airport, Easy Way has a reputation for satisfying its customers, expressed in user reviews on digital platforms.

You will not have hidden taxes. Save in airport taxes, road and extra service taxes

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Why rent a car at the cancun airport?

But few can offer you:

The best option to travel to Cancun or the Riviera Maya is undoubtedly to rent a car at the Cancun International Airport. What advantages does it have? Renting a car at the cancun airport will make your trip faster, safer and more comfortable. From Cancun Airport you can drive directly to your hotel without having to make intermediate stops or have to share space with strangers, not to mention comfort.

There are many car rental companies at the Cancun International Airport. In any of them you can hire a car quickly, however, you must be careful since some may charge you hidden taxes or charge you higher rates for having to include the airport tax.

So what is the best company to rent a car at cancun airport? Easy Way Rent a Car is a local company, with more than 32 years in the tourism sector. Its central office is only 10 minutes from the Cancun airport. They pick you up and take you to the airport at no additional cost. With this company you will save on airport tax, road taxes and extra services.

Best Cancun Airport
Car Rental Options

Easy Way Car Rental offers you a personalized service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rental cars in cancun international airport has never been easier and cheaper. We offer you cheapest car rental in cancun airport. Since with our enterprise you will not have hidden charges or airport tax. We offer you cheapest car rental rental in cancun airport.

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Thrifty Car Rental Cancun Airport

Save Up to $200 USD on Car Rentals

We offer you thrifty car rental at cancun airport. Compact, mid size, minivan, van ... all types of cars at your disposal. Save on airport tax, road tax and extra service. We offer you personalized attention, all the time at your disposal, to make your trip a unique experience.

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