Why Rent a Car?

If a road trip is not your style, you'll still need a way to get around after you get off the plane. Renting a car is often more cost effective than using a cab to get around and it is much more convenient than having family members or friends drive you around while you're visiting their city.

Why Visit Cancun?

If you’re a culture vulture or a history buff, the Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect place for you to visit, and Mexico is in a very history-rich area of the peninsula. During the Mayan period, the Yucatan Peninsula was a very important area dotted with religious, trade, and cultural centers. Today, you can still visit many of these places as they are very well preserved. Not only this, but here you will find the only known Mayan city which sits by the Ocean: Tulum.

Things Not to Do When Renting a Car

Among all your options, there are some things you don’t need to do, or even should not do, when renting a car. Below are 2 of them: Prepaying for Gasoline Prepaid gasoline charges appeal to the desire for simplicity while traveling, and also to concerns about being late for flights, as every few minutes added to the trip to the airport create more risk for arriving too late to board. As airport security has added considerable time to this process, rental companies have come up with new options for car refueling, and are giving them the har...

Rent a car or take an Uber?

The biggest factor you can employ when deciding whether it’s cheaper to rent a car or take Uber is how many stops you plan to make, and the total miles driven. Frequent stops skyrocket the total cost of ride sharing, while in a rental car the only added cost is the additional gas you’ll have to put in the tank before returning the vehicle. On the contrary, if you can get around on foot, bike, or with public transit throughout most of your trip and only need a car to get between a couple spots across town, Uber is the way to go.